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2018.07.08 ZEPP SAPPORO DAY 2

2018.07.08 ZEPP SAPPORO DAY 2

Today's Pickup
ZEPP SAPPORO It is the 2 nd day.
Arriving at the venue, catering is the first thing to look forward to.
Today 's lunch is
"Love everyone - curry rice" so the
band members and staff will
quickly bloom a huge curry rice.
HYDE also squeezing her body from day to day,
"Curry, I'm thinking I should ban it, I
smell it because it smells ~"
troubled face.
However, it was
curry rice, which I still eat .
By the way, the curry of this day is curry like coming out at home.
Although it was very delicious,
why is not it soup curry, the
mystery remains.
Well, this diary has
picked up one of the tours and
delivered each time though the story has deviated from a brief .
Today's pickup theme is "rehearsal".
Entering the hall, each band member performs a
sound check,
and the
entire rehearsal begins when the sound of the musical instrument is solidified .
No matter how I do Cage castle live every day, it is
always done.

"ZIPANG" and "ORDINARY WORLD" are always played during the rehearsal .
HYDE is just like a real show.
Here is Sapporo for some
reason the shell of the crab
is settled on the stand in front of the guitar.
This mystery will remain again.
HYDE checks
the production and lighting of the stage as well as singing and playing harusur as well as
this rehearsal.
So I got off to the floor and
confirmed the opening.
Then, go to the place of the lighting staff
and fix the part you care about,
In addition, we tell the video staff
how to reflect the image and the brightness etc,
rehearsing the part I was interested in,
and fix it up to the actual number.
This is the stage being brushed up everyday.
The world of commitment HYDE is envisioning is
delivered to you this way.
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