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^-^ New calligraphy tools yay!

I have this weakness for pens, fountain pens & especially calligraphy pens. I made a bit of a resolution to try and start practicing kanji again - and >.< my favorite writing pens broke just before the New year..

I re-discovered a great place to practice kanji - you can create your own customized kanji paper here:

why is it that a pacifist psuedo hippy vegan like myself seems to be attracted to war/violent movies. I was watching the movie "Welcome to Sarajevo" this weekend .. oh sure, I enjoyed viewing the dishy Goran Visnjic (He was the Croatian Doctor on ER) ~ and I didn't even see the whole movie, or think it was even all that stellar.. it made me stop and think about things..... When I was tutoring English to Adults in ESL class.. a lot of them were from that part of the world. I wondered,.. how in the hell can you live thru a war, see your homeland ripped apart & make a new life here in a language you don't know?
I always got warm hugs and greetings from them, and I hoped that they really didn't have any terrible experiences in their past - but how could you escape it living there? I really wanted to make them feel more comfortable here, and express I was happy they were here~... Did I manage to express that? I will never really know.

I was driving along today - and thinking about the issues raised in Welcome to Sarajevo - such as ... crap really all those freaking control jerks with too much testosterone should leave us the f alone~ Really! Everyone just wants to live a peaceful life, with their family - they want their kids to be safe. I thought then about some line I heard Mel Gibson say in "Air America" about everyone fighting for their own version of "Saturday Night" and GAHH CRIMINI
I come home~~~~~~~~~ and Air America is ON TV how strange

I went to the Japanese video store & couldn't find M Sta..but when going to to Koyama Shoten Grocery store (right next to the video place) they had it! ^_^
can't wait to watch & record..
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