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2018.07.02 ZEPP TOKYO DAY 3

2018.07.02 ZEPP TOKYO DAY 3

Today's Pickup
Microphone & microphone stand
It is the 3rd day of ZEPP TOKYO.
Actually, on the first day and the second day, "HYDEIST ONLY"
where the set list of 19 songs was
specially 20 songs.
It was a set list where HYDE's "HYDEIST Love" was casually woven, that the new songs "ANOTHER MOMENT" and "LION"
can be heard on the same day . I hate you, this little boy!
And suddenly started aside but
today's pickup theme is "Mike & Mike stand".
HYDE 's microphone stand is
flagged like this, but
"HYDE LIVE 2018" appeared in
snakes ' HYDE 'h' mark.
As you can see in the picture, the
back is thin enough to be transparent so
HYDE flips with a microphone stand
and flapping flutters.
You sexy like this sexually ... ...
You can also use this way!
Scarecrow pose!
Oh, it is wrong.
It is rather Jesus.
And Mike is familiar with this!
is a
HYDE original microphone made by repeatedly digging and trial and error .
This microphone you love from around the time of VAMPS.
All the gentle MC's voices and overwhelming singing voice are
passing through this microphone.
So, here again ... ....
"Mike, thank you for always
letting me listen to HYDE's wonderful voice in a word and phrase
In addition,
this microphone also glows with black light on this tour !
What a beautiful microphone ~!
Please make sure to round your eyes when you live.
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