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2018.06.30 ZEPP TOKYO DAY 2

2018.06.30 ZEPP TOKYO DAY 2

Today's Pickup
Hair Makeup
It is the 2nd day of ZEPP TOKYO. This diary is focusing on one place in the tour so that
everyone at HYDEIST
can enjoy the tour deeply .
The second theme is "hair makeup."

What will the tour start and set lists go?
What kind of stage set is it like?
What is the costume? Goods? Is the band member ~?
I think that
what you are interested in like a mountain, but what makes you worry is HYDE 's hairstyle and makeup.
So, it is pickup immediately.
First we will introduce a
red contact.
Yes, here is the
familiar red eye from the time of VAMPS .
Here, I will fire with black light.
By the way, eye makeup is slightly thin.
And the hairstyle which was most interested this time ......
Yes, it's a fluffy style of blonde!
It looks like a puppy.
In addition, familiar
white contact even with MV of "AFTER LIGHT" !
This will also flash when illuminated by the black light.
It's crazy and cool!
I wonder if this live will be with this ... ...
I thought that ... ... but rejected.
And this HYDE makeup is like this when you
take a black light with a live
The expression of HYDE projected with black light
was because it was wearing awful madness.
Yes, today is cool HYDE!
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