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Bite the hand that feeds you [Mar. 16th, 2018|10:06 am]

On March 6th I was busy cooking dinner when I heard Buddy & Daenyrs fighting. I panicked because Buddy was recovering from his spinal injury -so I tried to pull Daenyrs off of Buddy I was not having any success & I got bit. Leigh was able to get them apart as I ran to the sink to wash my hand I was able to stop the bleeding The dogs were totally fine.  Buddy seemed pleased with himself as he bit Daenyrs on the neck (Leigh had to pry him off)

I had to go to Chez Beau (hospital) to get stitches in my thumb.  I lied about the injury because dog bites ,despite it being unintentional, requires a report to Animal control. I didn’t want that hassle

I took advice from my friend Diane & the following day when the doggies started to squabble, I just pulled Daenyrs' tail  - & that worked great - no bites