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*dork light* on yet again

Went into work late today, and was off sick yesterday. The usual suspects, IBS, sinus - but I wonder if somehow just plain old hormonal depression played a role. I just - didn't want - to get out of bed. So =p I didn't~! However at work everyone was talking about it being so cold in the office, and I was uncomfortably hot all day.. so maybe I had a little sinus bug that wanted to tease me for a while.

Almost panicked at work - my job is really detail oriented now (where my other job we had a check and balance system so if you missed something, others would catch it)- and I suck at organization & detail. So I keep this big calendar on the wall with all the events my bosses have, so I know to check things in advance..blahblah. One of my bosses looked at my calendar and said, "oh, the handheld training starts on 1/16". I blanched, ? ? Eh? I pull out my Department guide to all the workshops, it is not listed. She told me, "oh, it's not in the workshop booklet, it was added after the fact. I probably didn't tell you to put in a conference request ".. >.< & to make the day completely lovely, the wimp that is Helayne got suckered into helping the annoying co-worker again. *snorts* Well, she hasn't said anything yet to make me want to slap her since the New year..

I finally looked at the Paparazzi section of Hydeist today (my home computer would take all day to go thru that flash file). . ^0^ Too cute!

One hand to hold the phone & the other to.. perhaps it's just unfortunate lighting XD

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