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it was nice while it lasted~

Today & Yesterday: Cold, Pretty & Snowy.
The weather forecasted a major snowstorm, but it was a rather light snowfall.

I thought I'd be prepared for once and made myself a lunch for today - go figure, I forgot it. >.<

As I suspected, the reason I couldn't access my silly site any longer was that the web master shut it down. (I could only view it when I entered my password, etc.) Technically, I shouldn't have had a 'personal' site - but I was able to use that space for practice for class. I'm grateful for the space, perhaps if I had been more prudent and had only a few files up they wouldn't have shut it down. Silly me ...

I'm enjoying the Monoral CD that Naomi sent me.
*chu* You can check out some samples here:

Anis-san's voice reminds me of John Lennon for some reason. I like their instrumental style, it's not that awful let's throw our electric guitars in the blendar variety. His voice is rather thin at times, but it's pretty enjoyable. While I tend to like ballads a lot, I think the harder songs are a better style for Anis. I'd like to hear him rap some more then the cameo he does in "Masquerade".

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