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enjoys the peace & quiet

Talk about a skeleton crew.. In my area - only Jon showed up (10 people who are normally around me are off on vacation still)

I'm enjoying the peace & quiet - I must brace myself for the return to the usual racket on Monday (annoying coworkers and all)

Hopefully I'll wake up by them *laugh* I felt so sleepy all day.
The foggy/humid weather & a fun time with IBS pain (which kept me up most of the night) could be why I'm so tired.

I was dinkin around on my silly website - and ^^;; all of the sudden I get a "you aren't authorized to view this... " & it prompts me for the password I use to get into Frontpage. How in the heck did I manage that?

I hope to see Hidoko's presence online soon~~ *prays everything is OK*

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