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Thinking of Elsie

Pic above from 2015

my aunt Elsie has been receiving hospice level care since February she's been on a very slow decline and the hospice care is designed to make her as comfortable as possible . I have been preoccupied with my mothers own hospitalization journey from December to February
I was trying to arrange hospice care for Elsie while visiting my mother in the hospital every day I felt badly about not seeing Elsie every day like I had with my mother was in the same facility - I was glad to visit her with Buddy but often felt as an inadequate source of company.

I received a call from the hospice nurse last week saying Elsie had been in further decline it and they might reevaluate her use of a feeding tube -the tube was inserted by her sons request against her wishes, at the time I wasn't aware I really had executive authority over her medical decisions. The feeding tube was removed over the weekend and when I saw her on Monday she was not talking or responding much to me but she let buddy lick her
-She also ate the chocolate candy I gave her.
I received a call from the nurse this morning encouraging me to visit Elsie since her condition had greatly worsened since Monday Leigh and I want to see her with buddy and it was a bit frightening. Elsie's mouth was gaping open and she was staring up at the ceiling breathing with gurgling noises so it seems like she's at the end of her journey. I hugged the nurse who had called me and she was teary-eyed and she said to me "she was my baby for four years" I will always appreciate her kindness to her

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