nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

Mom is back home

It's been a difficult few months for mom - she went back to the hospital Feb 12 and she had hemoglobin of 6.

2. She improved after a transfusion A resident told me it was probably due to a rectal ulcer due to rectal prolapse- colonoscopy showed tubular atanoma (benign)I was going to the hospital daily & was giving her canabis oil to help her appetite and mental alertness. She wasn't feeding herself and pocketing food. Barium swallow tests showed a need for pur�ed diet and thickened liquids. She had signs of aspiration pneumonia She had a wonderful nurse for 5 days straight (Daniel Lindberg) & my mom seemed to love him - he was so happy to get some big smiles and waves from her. Her Dr tried to get her admitted to an LTac (long term accute care) but insurance declined - So we decided she would be much better off at home with familiar surroundings mom had to stay an extra day in the hospital while we had to coordinate with her Dr to get a hospital bed delivered to the house.I wondered if I was asking too much of Christina- before breaking her hip, my mom was ambulatory and semi-incontinent.. She required max assistance for moving & her food needed to be pur�ed and liquids thickened But Christina was more than up to the challenge! This was an exciting moment -when Mom reaches for cookies & feeds herself. !!

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