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Mom's struggle continues

After mom's falling out of bed at the nursing home on January 25th & her subsequent treatment for UTI it's been tough.

They noticed blood in her stool & she had a colonoscopy I know they found some polyps & a sample was sent out. Her hemoglobin was low 9 (it was 16 in November)She went back to heartland Feb 2. I was going daily to give her cannabis oil & feed her. I came down with a bad cold from my nonstop running around. I also had a meeting with hospice nurses at Heartland for my mom's sister, Elsie, who is a long term resident at Heartland this was to give Elsie an elevated level of care - not because death is imminent Mom wasn't very alert in the past week & was pocketing food so they started to puree her food & thicken her liquids to minimize choking / aspirating. She wasn't making much progress with physical therapy. I thought she was depressed Yesterday I gave her the cannabis oil & an extra dose of peanut butter mixed with Kush (higher THC to enhance appetite. While feeding her breakfast, Buddy wandered away & went to a patients room across the hall , hopped on his bed and was eating his cereal. I couldn't stop apologizing When I returned at lunch, mom looked awful - she had taken out her dentures and her mouth was open - she looked out of it. One of the workers from Agape ( we hire them to help with my folks ) arrived . She took her BP & it was super low 70/40. The staff came in & elevated her feet - I told them about the cannabis because I feared I gave her too much. I called Leigh & he said it was probably another problem. I had them call 911 & the staff made me sign a statement about the cannabis. The paramedics didn't think that was the problem. She was not responsive Her hemoglobin was 6.5 - I spoke with the nurse this morning & she was awake & her color was improved after getting a unit of blood -

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