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Mom update

It's been a long & hectic past week or so, this is the first time I've had a chance to sit down.

The Dr.'s said that Mom had a displaced subcapital fracture to her hip that required a partial hip replacement. They also said she had a medium size aneurysm on her aorta but it didn't require surgery & wouldn't prevent them from going ahead with the procedure. It was a "high risk" surgery, but needed to happen. The surgery was on a Sunday & the surgeon said it went well. Leigh & I were the only ones in the waiting room & it was disconcerting that there seemed to be only 2 nurses around afterwards. Her BP started to go really high & they were having a hard time placing an IV.She was sent to CCU (critical care unit) due to her high BP & there was a lot of TLC there which I appreciated.I was worried because she looked really terrible & didn't seem to respond. I was afraid she would never talk again. She was not opening her mouth for medications & the lovely Christina was successful giving it to her. We wondered how much she was affected by not having her cannabis crackers for 3 days. I took a syringe filled with cannabis oil & put about 1/3 of a gram "CannaStar" RSO into chocolate ice cream. My Mom hadn't really moved her arms, or talked or reacted much since she was in the hospital. I went home to let the dogs out & Christina & my Father were there. Christina was feeding her & when she asked if she wanted more, my Mom said YESMusic to my ears. Then I returned later in the evening with my sister-in-law & My Mom said "Hi Carole"... I was shocked. I also noticed that whenever I gave her cannabis, her BP WOULD LOWER without any additional meds.I would give her a cracker in the morning & evening - & by Friday my Mom was transferred to the same Rehab facility where her sister is a long term resident. I am still sneaking her cannabis crackers & this morning I was happy to find her in Phys Therapy riding a bike...IMG_1427.JPGIMG_1424.JPGIMG_1423.JPG

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