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Everything is better with a Buddy

Christmas Day was nice - On Sundays we take my parents out to eat & since it was Xmas me & my sister in law Carole brought food over - & I had some Greek bread I made in the freezer.

I felt bad that Christina ( who lives with my folks) wasn't up to joining us She said she felt stuffy & achy -but then later I realized she was crying on & off all day. It's a difficult time of year for many -she lost her mother 12 years ago & her father hasn't been much of a support I hope she knows how much my family values her - I would be lost without her

My oldest brother left for Japan on Monday to be a concert pianist with a touring orchestra

I was happy to see Ryoko Moriyama on Music Station Super live - my brother was her pianist when he toured with the orchestra in 2015

Of course I enjoyed Hyde & ラルク on music station but it seemed odd that the ラルクperformance was so short

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Tags: buddy, christmas, hyde, larc, music station
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