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Home again [Dec. 16th, 2016|11:32 am]

Mom released from the hospital on Dec 8- Thanks as ever to Christina who sent me this pic on Dec 9 "snug as a bug"... It seems that the culprit was a UTI - those things really wreak havoc on older folks.Phys Therapist & Visiting nurse leave a lot to be desired.. Due to my Mom's dementia the PT guysaid well she can't really be rehabilitated since she can't cooperate, and then in the next breath said he knows how to handle dementia patients >.< (this is 2nd hand reporting from Christina, but I believe her completely)I feel as if I've been going nonstop since Nov... eating little, worrying too much.. Always seems I have to pick from being productive or eating (can't eat without cannabis really.. zero appetite )