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Skynet is watching [Dec. 7th, 2016|06:54 pm]

Mom is still in the hospital - diagnosis is syncope from hypotension caused by dehydration fromUTI - I think she will be there til at least tomorrow - but Leigh & I snuck in a bag of cannabis crackers & it's helped her.

She was highly agitated upon arrival but seems a lot calmer. I was worried when she was admitted that she was at risk of trying to get up - so I requested a 'sitter'. They brought in a virtual sitter- http://avasure.com/so someone is watching remotely. I know they are because I heard a woman's voice say that we needed to move a piece of equipment because it was blocking the view.She had imaging done for coratid arteries about 18 mo ago with a 70% blockage. The cardiologist said on Monday that due to her age, he would have a very conservative approach (no surgery) The testing this time seems to show an improvement - 50% blockage. I'll have to find out for sure, but I suspect the cannabis treatment may have helped this? Looking thru pics & came upon this youthful pic of my folks