nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

Hospital limbo? Purgatory? No it's hospital hell..

Yesterday's Sunday dinner at http://malekcuisine.

com with the folks ended up with the staff calling 911 when my Mom started to slump over & became unresponsive. Her BP was 45/80The restaurant staff was incredibly kind & a big table of folks were next to us & the woman said her son told her they should pray for my Mom. How sweet is that ?she revived when she was put on the stretcher ..& thus started a grueling wait in a desolate ER cubicle ...from 5 pm..til finally a room 12 hours later The attempt at using the bedpan & straight catheter was without success . When the nurse suggested taking her to the restroom via wheelchair ended up how I suspected soon as my Mom stood up she started to pee on the floor - but all was not lost as the nurse caught some in a specimen hatWhen they asked Mom her birthday she said Oct 12 & they asked "what year?" She said it happens every year So a day goes by without a visit from the cardiologist ...Finally this evening the Dr says he will see her tomorrow & Has ordered an echo & corrated Doppler. She also has a UTISo no food or sleep for me..But Dr Leigh has come to my aide & mom likes her kitty

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