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ハロバ [Oct. 26th, 2016|08:40 am]
Thank you Hyde for providing some levity in a hateful campaign season

Hyde's amazing Harley quinn was noted by http://www.geek.com/culture/hyde-dresses-as-harley-quinn-for-halloween-concert-breaks-internet-in-japan-1676398/

The gal who lives with & takes care of my folks, Christina (her daughter lives with them too) is off for a well deserved week away & we are using a home care aide service.
So far it's worked out well. They come 3XDay...I was at my folks house yesterday to meet the caregiver . She kindly woke my Mom & made her breakfast.  My Mom looked out the window & asked whose car was in the driveway, which was the caregiver's car.  She always wants to know whose car is in the driveway or if my car is working.  I asked the aide if she had much experience in working with dementia patients & how she thought my Mom was.  She has a lot of experience with them &  thought my Mom was in early stages, we've been giving her cannabis peanut butter since June of 2014.  On Saturday, friends of my brother drove 5 hours from Illinois to get some cannabis crackers to try with their Mother who has a lot in common with my Mom  - Greek, same age, also had a stroke - but her condition is more severe.   Hopefully this will help.

My Dad really likes the caregivers so far - which is great.  I'm sure my Dad enjoys having different people around to talk with.

I made an instagram collage of my Dad with my Corgi Buddy, his sketch & final painting...

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2016-10-26 11:26 pm (UTC)
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