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waiii!!!!!!!!! feels the love

^-^ I was hoping this yearly event would go without any notice~ but *chu* sankyuu for the dear friends who insist on reminding me I am yet an older fart! lol

Dearest Nyde - wrote a fan fic!!!

the loverly Naomi/SecretLetters/Kiana sent me lovely virtual cards! *CHU*

Naomi kara

secretletters kara
Kiana kara

^_^ I also received a package from the lovely Naomi - ^_^ ! ~!
and I opened a lovely gift from pen pal Pirkko Pulkkinen from Finland We have been writing since we were 12!!!!!!!!!!! I met her for real back in 1980 - it was lovely.!

I am so touched that people thought of me - and I am surprised and wonder why I would be in anyone's thoughts LOL

Hugs to Ri & Brit & Katie for online messages today~and for putting up with me

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