nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

thank goodness for pain meds

Please excuse any typos - roofpreading is such a hassle on medication =p

The weekend ~~ I was pretty much a big fat whiney slug. I had some major menstrual cramps, but then my stomach decided to throw a fit - I was up in tears last night because the pain was so bad. arggh.. therefore .. I missed work today, missed ESL tutoring blah. However *crosses fingers* things seem to be doing better now.

Big smooches to Priss! ^__^ I love the Guniw Tools video collection you sent .. such fun!! Leigh & I watch "Ring" we both enjoyed it a lot. I think I will rent the TV drama version of it.. I don't care for horror movies - but I must say, I like the Japanese genre of horror movies much better.. or perhaps ghost stories.. is a more apt description.

I know I was gonna ramble with more inane mumblings but it's late - I have to sleep..
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