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small miracles

^-^ Yesterday was my dear oldest brother's annual holiday party (gahh like 90 people show up.. how does he do it?)

Leigh talked to his Mom - while she was in the hospital yesterday.. She didn't know when they would let her go home.

O.o!!!!!!!!! I go to Doug&Carole's party and gahh??? walking in the house before us is MY MOTHER & FATHER IN LAW.

This was such a holiday surprise. It turns out , she has congestive heart failure (which my Nurse - sister in law - says like 80% of the seniors she cares for has it)

It was such a delight & relief to see them there.

We drove my parents to the party - gahh I'm so damn lucky to have great parents -- really I can't say how thankful I am for that - I wish everyone of you could meet them..

I managed to actually be somewhat painful morning thankfully subsided..

baked some "Greek" bread and rolls & I made some vegan (mwhahahah) rolls & tofu/bean enchiladas. I always bake bread as my 'contribution' but ahh the enchiladas were a last minute thing.. I didn't have the energy to make it truly macrobiotic (in my macro recipe - there is no tomato sauce - tomato is a nightshade and most macro recipes exclude it - but I do have a yummy yummy macro tomato like sauce recipe sans tomatoes if anyone cares for it.. ahh it's just time consuming)

So much food at the party! but gahhh like 99.99% of it was not vegan friendly.
A meat lovers fantasy! lol tenderloin/ham/turkey/blahblahblah & every other assorted condiment or entree had some type of cheesey product. so woohoo I drank a lot of wine and ate mostly nothing.. but wine is good! lol\

so..what's a vegan to do? I swear besides the celery&carrot plate, really the only things I could eat was the stuff I brought - and nothing like that to make you feel self concious..

^_^~!!!! While leaving to go to the party, noticed a package in my mailbox... Ahhhhhhh~ it was a most lovely unexpected gift from the exquisite pimpinhyde Such a gorgeous handmade ornament *sniff*

& a big hug to demonesque while I want to forget it.. hahaha thanks for remembering

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