nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

Roentgen & Dr visit

Took my Mom to her nuerologist follow up. The Dr wants us to try another drug ~ Aricept left her a zombie. I have seen her mental decline ~ but the cannabis crackers seem to always help

My Mom could not perform the Math test ~ & didnt know the date but thia is not new. She was able to perform a drawing test.
She loves watching the Barbara Streisand movie "Funny Girl"

It is so hard on my Dad & he is often complaining on how difficult she is. He has said maybe she should be in a nursing home. I don't think my Mother is being difficult - he just has lost all his patience & often refuses help from Christina (the wonderful gal who lives with my folks) - Leigh took my Dad with him to his church a few weeks ago & he really enjoyed it.

After my Mom's neurological appointment I went to get my chest Xrayed - last week I was reaching into a tall garbage can to reach the garbage bag at the bottom & I had a ring of keys in my top pocket that poked me Super hard when I reach in. It knocked the wind out of me.. a few days later I noticed having a lot of pain on my left side & when I breathed in or coughed. The pain has been waking me up at night- Hopefully it's nothing serious..but with osteoporosis I never know..
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