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Ready Steady a-go-go

^^;; Had a rather miserable blah day - I was hoping to do something constructive like baking for my brother's Holiday party tomorrow.. No such luck, as my stomach decided to keep me immobilized with pain all day. *crosses fingers* I think the pain is subsiding.. Looks hopefully towards a productive tomorrow.

I hope things are well with my Mother in law. I was feeling too cruddy most of the day, so I didn't phone anyone. I'll try not get too annoyed at Leigh for not bothering to call about her today - (not to mention he hasn't visited her in the hospital yet..but it's not surprising).

Well thanks to Ri, my day perked up a lot when she sent me the video clip of M Station - Laruku "Honey" + "Ready Steady Go". Let out your inner Hydeee- and do that girly dance, we're dying to see it! *natsukashii* The very first time I saw Laruku they were doing "Honey" on Utagassen. Hyde was like a whirling dervish in that version - but on M Station they abbreviated the song, so darn - no twirling Hyde...

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