nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

Take Five with Joe Scott

 My Father has an art exhibit all his own!  The event turned into a Scott Family reunion & a joyous event

My Father comes from an Catholic Irish Family with 6 brothers & 6 sisters - Except for his brother Larry, all siblings are still alive.  He was joined by his brothers Gene, Rich, & Francis & his sisters Patty, Martha & Anne -     The opening night was quite wonderful & it was amazing to see his work in one great space.  The family will forever be grateful to my Aunt Patty's late husband George who provided the funding & inspiration for such a show.

While family came in from as far as California, the long distance award goes to my niece who came in from Argentina. ^-^  She's been
teaching English there & loves it.  It was great to see her & talk about our love of language & culture.

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