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SSD & still procrastinating..


>.< I need to address cards and send them out - hopefully, will do this tomorrow.

Yesterday I went to a nice "Lupper" (lunchxsupper) at coworker Anupam's house.. Ahh what a nice and gutsy thing for her to do - invite the whole dept. to her house for the Holiday gathering. It was a potluck type of thing - yay! I got people to eat tofu! haha I brought stuffed shells (tofu-miso-spinach...) ^-^ Folk seemed to enjoy them, and wouldn't have guessed it was tofu..

woohoo! I got Adobe Photoshop 7 installed on my computer at work - because John (one of the guys I work for) wants me to learn it.. Yay!. but *laugh* It's like I know diddly do about it yet..

I received Shibuya "7" DVD today. At first cursory glance, I felt a bit deflated, as the energy level seemed a bit off on the final day that they filmed the DVD. My friend Rei in Thailand (who went to the live with whatafatcats) mentioned this to me just the other day - she thought the live they saw was much more energetic...

But as with most Lark centered things, I find my self not the best 'critic' and things always grow on me soon enough. During the MC clips from other days- the energy level seemed a bit brighter - not like they were terribley mopey or anything.. As Ri-chan said, they probably were just exhausted.
Tetsu is just too damn adorable in his blue plaid, kilt/pant outfit... and hahah he so walks like a girl in one of the intro scenes.. *chu Techan*.. I am not sure what inspired Tetsu to throw a veritable salad out to the audience ... I wonder what does a fan do when they catch a Watermelon?? (or zucchini, or half eaten banana)

Ken seemed to enjoy himself the most - and Yuki looked rather somber throughout.. Trick was pretty enjoyable - and Kudos to Hyde on the English.. I could barely understand what anyone else sang.. double Kudos - Now when Hyde sings "Flower" ... It definitely sounds "Like Flower" (ahh the White Power chorus has been replaced!)

& while I found it amusing, Leigh rolled his eyes when Hyde when into the MC rant "FUCK FUCK .. FUCK FUCK FUCK... FUCK" They really should work on a MC script ~lol~

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