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Happy 60th to my better half [Jun. 14th, 2015|09:30 am]

Enjoyed a lovely day yesterday -  Leigh's friend from childhood had a family celebration for his son's wedding.
Conveniently timed a day before Leigh's 60th ... They even had a huge cake.. ^-^

I'm still recovering from my Chez Beaumont hospital stay over Memorial weekend.  If it wasn't for Leigh's care & support
I don't think I would be alive.  Besides the surgeon who saved my life (ulcer surgery complications in 2006 had me in & out
of the hospital for months at a time)  Leigh's unswavering love & support is truly a gift.  How lucky am I to have a partner
that wasn't squeamish about changing bandages, tending to feeding tubes..


[User Picture]From: 4am_secret
2015-06-19 12:52 am (UTC)
Awwww, wish Leigh a happy birthday from me! :) A belated one, unfortunately -_-

Also, belatedly glad that you are recovering from your stay. I'm so sorry you ended up back there! So grateful for you to have Leigh. And look how cute you both are in that picture!! <3
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