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Edit.. LARUKU ON MS SUPER LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Squeals with Perdita - does the D'ork En ciel Happy dance


ミュージックステーション SPECIAL SUPER LIVE 2003
2003年12月26日(金)19:00~23:04 テレビ朝日系

now back to regular boring lj programming

>.< I think I'm too much the slug for making Xmas presents in time for family this year.. New year's OK? Wow , at one time I was all prepared after Halloween for presents and things, but it gets more difficult to get gifts it seems.. when people have so much clutter. Our family sort of decided to shut down on the clutter. *YAY* we have too much crap, but now - I'm confused as if I have to get any type of 'stocking stuffer gift' or what.. Really, gift giving is sort of in my nature I think - so why should Christmas be such a challenge? ahh Mostly I guess I want to know more what people WANT and give things freely & spontaneously.. really - I think We should leave all Xmas gifts as charitable things.. but that is just me.. doot doot doot

I thought I would just fade out completely in a pile on my desk.. period...cramps... blah.. and no real work this afternoon to keep me in pain and !chained there. Now I know why I was a complete useless bit of dust this weekend.. ahh pms..

THANK YOU MELIAN! Zigzo/X-Hide/ANDROID!!!/ZIGZOOOOOOOOOOO Wuvs you! thanks thanks! I've been recording the November "Cd Data" shows... and they flash back to the 'past library' Kyaa! They showed a short snipet of Dahlia/XJapan...

(I got it this weekend.. but ahh I was in that pms funk & still haven't opened my hyde photobook*laugh*) but haahha How do I explain away the rest of my time? *smile*

^_^~~~~~~!! Also I got Vermillion! GOOD JOB DUEL JEWEL!! Such an unexpected pleasure for me to receive it (I thought for some reason it was on back order) .. ^_^ I especially Liked Hayato's vocal on "Rain" - which was much more of a softer and subtle style.. ^0^ And Shun/Val/Yuya/Natsuke.. Thanks for all the hard work & Practice it has paid off..

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