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hand over the money..or Hyde gets it!

The latest Hydeist update was a new ムービ ~~ At 1st glance, I thought "OH NO! Somebody is holding Hyde hostage!" lol - the film just had this rather gloomy quality - Hyde looks really tired.. and the acoustics are really bad. I saw on the BBS the collective sense of disappointment that the previous movie had disappeared ..and was replaced by this somber thing.. However - I did pick up a new word お気に入り (Favorite) -

Hyde: え 映画 ムーンチャイルド が crank up お しました えと

I did get a few nice emails from people I met in Hydeist chat.. EVEN after I must have appeared as a total idiot.. I was asking where I can send a gift for Hyde & I wanted to say I had a 絵画 to send.. .but typed in the kanji 会議 - instead.. It took me a while to realize I said Meeting instead of Painting..

We had a staff meeting today ~~~~ and O.o I was going to make my plea for some *cough* *Cough* employees to stop spraying their perfume in the office area..because - - well -- It's making me sick. Go figure, the main offender, left the meeting before I had a chance.

I've been feeling awfully p - m -s ish lately.. harumphh.. I thought not drinking anything alcoholic lately would help.. >.<
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