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Osama bin Haido

woohoo I bet it's a big party all around at the White house.. & I'm sure Halliburton is footing the bill... Is it normal to cringe every time your President appears on TV? Thank you Mr President for being the shit you are and turning friends into potential enemies. Yo- what a tactic.. If you aren't with us you're against us! If you didn't support us, you can't profit in any development contracts. By the way - Would you care to give us money to get Iraq out of debt? & Hey.. wasn't it OUR bright idea to support Saddam & Bin Ladan In the freakin first place when it was in our interest... =p & I never / rarely/ politically rant in my lj - so if you want to get all over my ass for it.. woohoo you go then...
What a maroon</lj-poll>

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