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access denied

Nothing like not being able to get online as a reminder to renew my internet subscription thru work *laugh*..

I went to a fairly new coffee shop in town on Saturday that had internet access - and color me surprised - they had SOYMILK Latte's available. (You don't realize what an amazing thing this is in Taylor, which has some city by-law that says every new restaurant must be an all you can eat buffet or a steakhouse).

I bought some prepaid online card - but the only big drawback was that the computer wasn't Japanese text enabled.. and the fact that computer screens are strategically placed so every man and his dog can see it. However, I did venture online long enought to see Claire's Wonderful fic that she wrote for me *chu*! While I honestly have no desire or wish for GakuxHy to become a reality - I quite loved this- but then I just enjoy everything Claire writes ^-^ (but Gackt should probably never babysit, as all the candles in his house might catch the baby blanket on fire)

I hope I muster up some motivation to do the holiday things that need to be done. Saturday was somewhat successful for shopping, but on Sunday I was too blue & blah to do anything. The lovely Hazuki sent me the Hydeist 666 photobook
(and I still can't believe the Hydeist bonus poster is this pic..

I was so lethargic though - I've not opened the photobook yet (actually I got the one I ordered last week it's unopened too). Hazuki made some lovely ornaments - and I got a Hydeist 'towel' and and a mobile phone thing..

dootdoot - prays for holiday motivation
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