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Hyde loves Ken~ .. [Dec. 13th, 2003|01:06 am]
[Current Music |go go soap!]

^-^~ well actually this thought is reinforced by the lovely claireredding

OK admittedly - I am loving 666 more then I should *laughs* - (perhaps I just want to visualize Hyde sing all these things live..) anyhoo -

While I still can't figure out what song Hideaway reminds me of - ahh!!!

"Masquerade" which is banging in my head along with "Midnight Celebration"...

If Masquerade opening is not a total S.O.A.P. - esque sound, I don't know what is..
At first listen, I remember saying wow ! this sounds so like Ken's stuff..

Ok Ok some people may say copying, derivitive (or think I'm nutz and there is no connection between Masquerade and Go~Go~ Soap from gimmea guitar cd) but yo I think copying Ken's style is always a good move! ^0^


From: bellpickle
2003-12-14 07:03 pm (UTC)
My friend thinks Hideaway sounds like Linkin Park. o.o I haven't heard the whole song, so I wouldn't know...

I saw a cute little pic of Hyde and Ken holding hands while... ice skating I think? Aww... ^-^
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