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Friday ~! time to relax.. err wait [Dec. 12th, 2003|06:46 pm]
[Current Mood |anxiousanxious]
[Current Music |masquerade.]

Finally Friday - ~.~ It seemed like a long week - although I was fairly busy at work. Brrrr! It was a chilly day today, but still not so bad for December.

I went out to lunch today with some of the gals I used to work with. I get an hour for lunch, and we were about 15 minutes late. When I was in Accounts Payable, this wouldn't make a difference to anyone. Of course, in my new job as 'secretary' it seems to be a different mentality and you have to fret over your whereabouts every freakin minute. Geez - it's such a annoying trivial pain in the ass. My bosses could care less if I'm 15 minutes late or not - it's the other support staff that seems so worked up about it.. oh well..

I really need to get a move on Christmas stuffs. Damn! Why can't everyone in my family be into Japanese music *laugh* My Christmas shopping would have be done months ago..
laugh* wonders which relative would the Hyde Photobook I've received. (OK OK the answer is none of them would want it) It's easy when I know what stuffs people want.. but ahhh
I haven't bought Cards, or done diddly.. >.< Baka Helayne!

We went to our favorite Thai restaurant (operated by Hmong friends). The food is so good there. Yummy curry with tofu, eggplant, baby corn & bamboo shoots.. ^0^ and their spring rolls are killer (never greasy). We have quite a few Thai restaurants here, and many are operated by Hmong (From Laos). http://www.quiltersmuse.com/hmong_textile_art.htm Usually this time of year a Hmong friend sells pa ndau in her home & I often buy wonderful stocking stuffers.. ^^;; no word from her this year though..