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Monday blahs.

I'm not sure if I have a cold or sinus trouble.. maybe it's the latter. I couldn't breathe this morning and I was too tired to get up, so I came in late to work. *yawn*

I need a vacation - I've not been on one in about a year .. (Katsucon was the last 'vacation' and that was hardly relaxing)Hydeist off-kai will be in Okinawa! Who wants to go with me? *smile* It's only 100,000 yen per person (ouch) - The resort looks nice though - I wonder if Hyde will go with Megumi & baby in tow? oh wait, that might put a damper on the スラッティーHydeのイメージ ufufu

Survived the Friday 'staff' meeting where the problem with the troublesome coworker was addressed. I doubt that she 'gets it' though - It doesn't matter that she waited to the last minute to ask, and didn't give me any details - Her attitude is that "well I asked you to do and you said yes.. so what's the problem?" Oh well, I just won't say yes next time.

& a big kiss to die-chan... who was so sweet and made this for me~ what a super job!
& Good Lucks to Die, Chiye & Midori who are all soon to be Japan bound ^-^!

Now to talk myself into getting some actual work done.. but my brain isn't cooperating >.<

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