nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

Omedetou Papa Haido Mama Megumi!

^0^ Good luck to new parents Hyde & Megumi!

Edit - Thanks to Ri/Naomi & perdita.. who set me straight.. ahh I was just so happy when I read the news

lol "New Hyde Release" 11/11 DROP !!!!

Now I know why Hyde was such a cranky pants on the 11/6 M Station- well at least I'd like to believe it is because.. he was thinking "crap..I have to do this garbage and My wife will have a baby any day"

I received 666 today ~ nice poster & DVD came with it. I've only heard it once so far, but perhaps I'm just a hopeless fan - as I quite like it. I do think DH was spot on when she said Hyde was a Kurt Cobaine wannabe.. ahah I do hear 'reflections' of that in the CD. Too bad that Kurt Cobaine can't listen to Hyde's work and let us know his feelings - same with Lucy in the Sky.. I heard an interview with Yoko Ono this morning on NPR,... wonders what she would think of Hyde LSD cover?

I sent off some videos and .. >.< Doh! I shouldn't do them while in an antihistimine cloud.. I believe that I sent Claire a duplicat of Moonchild (I should have copied REAL ) and I think I sent Naomi a duplicate of M Station - (which I meant to send to someone else..) so ahh if you get duplicates, forgive my clumsiness..

I should write this crap down..

I'm really liking Hyde's 666 - especially when he takes a break from screaming *LOL* and how cool that Anis wrote so many songs with him!

2nd listening of 666 - crap! I'm gonna be singing sweet vanilla in my head for days.. LOL
Honey so sweet / sweet vanilla I'm seeing a pattern here....
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