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My dogs least favorite day of the year

I'm happy to say that my Mom was discharged from the hospital yesterday.
The cats were happy to see her again - It's fortunate that my folks live just a few minutes away. My brothers were not close-by (Greg is in San Diego & Doug was on vacation in Traverse City area) so I did lots of running around.. Feeling pretty exhausted, yet grateful Mom is back home & in good spirits. The MRI showed my mother had evidence of a stroke, but we think that happened back in December. Her balance issues were probably due to a Urinary tract infection & inner ear trouble. She will be getting physical therapy at the house to help with her balance. I'm hoping I can remain energetic enough to be at their beck & call. It's pretty amazing how beneficial the minute amount of cannabis in peanut butter can be for her thinking. Towards the end of the day, my Mom tends to slow down & get a bit confused... a short time after the cannabis cracker it's like a window opens in her brain.

I visited with my Aunt today & thank goodness for the internet - we enjoyed watching old movies of Detroit. She's 88 & is extremely fond of the 1940's. If I could invent a time machine for her I would! A lot of our visits center around fangirling she adores Tyrone Power & well fangirling is one of my few talents ^.~
Hopefully my doggies won't totally freak out tonight while fireworks go off around the neighborhood

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