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hospital adventures with Mom & when it rains it pours

I had been worried about my Mom's vertigo & headache - & took both my parents to see their physician on Monday. My Mom was given more antibiotics. My Mom was still a bit unstable while walking around. I get a call from my Dad on Tuesday at 3:30 AM. "Your Mother fell on the bathroom floor & I can't get her up" he said "Should I call 911?"
YES! I exclaimed. I put on my clothes & rushed over to their house.
The ambulance was there & my mother was in a neck brace & had a HUGE bump on her head. Of course it was raining like crazy & I stopped to get gas before going to the hospital. I was completely soaked by time I arrived ^^;; (The storm also caused a loss of power at our house on Tuesday & Wednesday)

My Mom was alert despite the enormous bump on her head. Tests show my Mom had a Urinary Tract infection & that probably caused a sudden drop in blood pressure that led to her collapse. Unlike her hospital trip in December, she wasn't combative & agitated. I credit the cannabis peanut butter crackers for that.

Yesterday she had an MRI & if the test is OK she might be released today. So far, her CTscans & EEG tests look good.
My parents enjoy a meal at the hospital - they have pretty decent food.
The cannabis crackers (only 1 a day, with a fairly small dose) has improved her appetite - also, the dry mouth side effect has proved to be a good thing - My Mom never drank enough water throughout the day & now she is always reaching for a glass ^-^

I think this is the most adorable Vamps fan video I've ever seen

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