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Had a stressful few weeks filled with worry -

my Mom was suffering from vertigo & it was difficult for her to walk without hanging on to things. The Dr thought she had a sinus problem & gave her antibiotics along with an ear cleaning. My Aunt was coming in for a visit & my Mom rejected my urging to ask my Aunt to postpone her trip. My Mom really wasn't up for company as the antibiotics made her nauseous. When my Aunt arrived, my Mom was moving about pretty slowly & not really participating in conversation. Since she had a stiff neck & headache for 2 weeks, I really wanted her to go back to the Dr. I made an appointment, but my Mom cancelled it since my Aunt was here.

I had visions in my head that my Dad would wind up calling 911 - My Aunt could see that my Mom was not feeling well & she was also concerned. She left on Thursday & my Mom was still a bit out of it. Since she had a mini-stroke, she would often repeat herself & was confused about what time it was. My Dad said that she woke up last week at 4 am & started to cook him breakfast.

Leigh asked my Mom if he could make her some cannabis crackers (a small doze of ground cannabis flower mixed with peanut butter on a cracker) & she agreed. Well, she took ONE cracker & about 1 1/2 hours later... it was as if a fog lifted. My Mother was ENGAGING in conversation - something I hadn't heard her do in months. She wasn't repeating herself & forgetting what somebody told just a minute before. She also has chronic back pain & would often fidget, rock back & forth without realizing it. That All Stopped after 1 measly cannabis cracker.!  We go back to the Dr. on Monday - but I'm really relieved to see the Mother I remember.

I hope that she continues to improve & maintain clear thinking. Cannabis is really beneficial for many things, especially brain function The dual neuroprotective–neurotoxic profile of
cannabinoid drugs-pdf

I was so happy to meet up with my friend Risa who was visiting Toronto & Detroit from Japan. We met when I was an ESL class volunteer & I miss her already.

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