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cheers & jeers

Well~ what would a recent post from me be without my whiney chronicle of a coworker who will . . just kill me..

The 'coworker' was in today - and this morning my one boss wanted me to sit in on a training session. Well - exqueese me.. it IS my boss, it IS my job , but I get back and finda snarky little email more or less yelling at me for being away all morning - "Oh I thought you were just doing registration," so.. wtf what's the point of your email exactly? Do I work for you? What difference does it make? Does that mean that you actually had to work and maybe answer the phone? OH SLAP ME! gomen gomen helayne has to vent

but to make matters worse - she will take tomorrow off - an other 'task' me & coworkers must cover.. It's a meeting.. I volunteered to print off 'receipts' all filled out with the names of the people coming (so my other coworker can just easily sign a pre-filled form for a receipt when they pay... )
O.O I asked her for a list of people that RSVP'd - so I can (DO HER WORK!) and prepare these receipts. I have no clue.. who has signed up.. names, etc.
What is my answer from her?
"She doesn't need that.....She just needs a blank receipt book.. .that's how I handle it" WHAT THE ??? So what Freakin reason to we have people RSVP and send in checks??

I will vocalize these complaints on Friday - as she is all pissed at me! since my Supervisor called her on the carpet for being the shit she is.. Did I complain to him? Did I say nya nya.. she is doing this & That?? NO! NO! NO FUCKING NO! He just heard me and my corker talk about things like "how do we figure out how many people are going to come? Do we have enough people in the luncheon count?" So he asked what we were talking about..

But ahh I had some fun today~
On one of my boss's request - I took some training in Snagit/Camtasia software ..

How cool this stuff is! ^-^ I can capture things like those Morrich files on Sony.. and make little videos..
Of course my mind was off kilter - and I fell behind the instructor as I chose the Hydeist page for the 'web capture' and hyde was online ^_^ I capture the Hyde lamp, and Hyde's quick "hello how is everyone message on chat" but I had to leave it all and cover for the annoying coworker at lunch.. Oh well, and my boss said some very nice things to my main Supervisor about me today... ahh it makes up for the troublesome coworker..

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