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しばらく - seeing friends in ESL class

Went back as an ESL classroom tutor - Some of my Japanese friends that I met for English conversation are in the class ^_^. They let me take vacation time at work - so I can leave on Mondays from 11:00 - 1:00 to volunteer. This class has quite a few folk from Kossovo & Albania in ESL 1. One fellow's name is Saliki Aliki.. how cool is that?

Priss ~ I wish I had some fun dreams~ =p Well, I'll live vicariously thru yours..

Katie - I'm still Laughing ^o^

*hugs to Ger* What a surprise to have a short chat with you today. I'm glad you liked the painting too~ -- I remember a chat with Ger & Ri-chan .. and the topic of the troublesome 'hodo' was brought up. I thought I would see if typing out the info from my Makino & Tsutsui Grammar Dictionary would help me learn & remember it.. and perhaps help someone who is reading this ..

ほど A particle which indicates an extent or a degree to which someone/something
does something or is in some state
Key Sentences

私 は ケン ほど 強 くない/ 強くありません
Watashi wa Ken hodo Tsuyokunai/tsuyokarimasen.

(Lit I'm not strong to Ken's extent (= I'm not as strong as Ken)
この 仕事 は 子供 でも 出来る ほど やさしい/やさし
Kono shigoto wa kodomo demo dekiru hodo yasashii/yasashiidesu.

(Lit. This job is so easy to the extent that even a child can do it. (= This
job is so easy that even a child can do it)
†Da after Adj (na) and Noun changes to na and de aru, respectively.
Example sentences

僕 は君 ほど速く歩けません.
Boku wa kimi hodo hayaku arukemasen
(I can't walk as fast as you can)

Jenifaa hodo yoku benkyousuru gakusei wa inai
(There is no student who studies as hard as Jennifer)

Watashi wa Nishida-san ga are hodo piano ga hikeru to wa omowanakatta.
(I didn't think that Mr. Nishida could play the piano that well (Lit. to
that extent)

Ruisu-san no nihongo wa Oota sensei mo gaikokujin da to kizukanakatta hodo
(Mr Lewis's Japanese is so good that even Prof Ota didn't notice he was
a foreigner)
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