nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

Free at last

My Mom was sent home today from the hospital.  We thought she would need surgery for her carotid artery, but
the consulting surgeon said she didn't need it.     *yay* 

I hope she doesn't continue to be combative about following orders - taking her home today, the nurse told me she needs
to start some meds tonight.  My Mom says, oh no - I'll go tomorrow.     I grabbed the prescription sheet & left before she
had a chance to stop me...... ahhhhh       Dr. Leigh will be going over soon with her meds & a blood pressure monitor we bought.

I'm sure stress played a big part - & hopefully,  I can help her from getting too stressed

She was very happy to see her feline support sytem -
Upon coming home - Jimmy greeted us

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