nepenthes59 (nepenthes59) wrote,

Hospital blues ~ this time, I'm not the patient

It's been a crazy year - & I am hoping things pick up in 2014

My Mom called me on Wednesday evening to ask if I would take her to the eye Dr. the following day.
"I've been having double vision & I'm dizzy".       O_o    Of course, Leigh & I urged her to go to the ER STAT~!
Leigh was all ready to take her to Chez Beau but she refused.  Leigh convinced her to take an aspirin & we asked
her to smile & do those physical tests to rule out a stroke.

The following morning I took her to the Eye Dr. - who quickly ruled out eye trouble & told her to GO TO THE ER

With some urging, I took her to Heritage.  (the neighborhood hospital)  Her blood pressure was really high so they admitted her
& did a CTscan - which showed a prior mini stroke.  My Mom was ready to leave & put up a fight when they wanted to admit her.
Again, after urging from the attending Physician she stayed put.

The MRI showed signs of a mild stroke - & her carotid arteries showed blockage of 50% on 1 side/ 70% on the other.

Dr. Leigh predicted all of this - as well as her reaction.  My Dad said she sounded less stressed today & we will soon
go to see her.

Please send some prayers/good vibes our way.
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