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December already~!

dec 1 2013 helaynes iphone 048

Leigh & I had the good fortune to join in with the wonderful Griffith family for Thanksgiving.  They are my brother's friends & have warmly opened up their home to us for quite a few years - including my parents, & Leigh's folks when they were alive.
.   I brought along a Tofurky, Greek bread, chestnut rice stuffing, pumpkin pie & rolls -

The following day we went to a 60th birthday party for a close family friend - it was really nice, except for trying to find a park space in Ann Arbor.  The party took place at ~ a Teen Center .  There was a lot of interesting painting & graffiti all around - dec 1 2013 helaynes iphone 052

Our newest family member (Gigi - German Shepherd) is starting to get more comfortable.  After much nagging urging, Leigh & his brother Robert set up Sally's crate in the living room.  Gigi wasn't exactly housebroken & a bit food insecure, so she was always getting into stuff & pooping/peeing on the rug.  Things have gone much more smoothly since she's been in the crate.  She seems to find comfort there.

Dec 4th will be Vamps Live in CA - & then in NYC   

I don't have the stamina for a general admission Vamps live -  if only I had known about the Pre-Workout Amplifier HYDE supplement:
hyde banner

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