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666 cafe

Another Saturday shopping with my dear neighbor. ^-^ I don't like to shop much, but with friends along it's less painful! lol ...
We went to a craft show (which can be Painful!) but this was very nice, - and I bought some nice little gifts there.

But >.< what will I do for the rest of the people I need to buy for? & in my new job.. who exactly do I need to buy stuff for? ahhhh

I sent some tapes off to Naomi & Claire.. and while taping the Kiss Me Deadly concert .. ahhh I am reminded why I'm such a Laruku dork~ I keep thinking I'd get tired of them by now - but*laugh* I just seem to fall deeper & deeper.. Ready steady go - I have no clue what that will sound like, and the name hardly seems Lark-ish..but hahaha maybe it's Laruku meets Mini Moni.. or Laruku meets V6 (Just kidding!) I've been making copies of Music Station (Hyde-Horizon) and how sweet of Leigh - he'll often come in the room while I'm taping and when Hyde appears he will clap and say "yay! hyde!".. or will say something like "Leave the attitude at home Hyde.. , You're #4 in the single ranking, cheer up Hyde!" (hyde looks kinda pissy on the M Station program)

I put up a Laruku xmas message
and some London Hearts clips

If anyone has suggestions on how I can make things look better ( oh yes yes.. I should really study my frontpage textbook I will.. promise! ... ahh I would love to hear any advice..)

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