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nice tofurkey day...

Once again, my brother's dear friends invited us into their house - (that would not only Leigh & myself..but my parent and Leigh's parents).. and a very nice time.
Too bad the weather was yucky and rainy, still that way today.
While my tofurkey seemed rather negelected *sniff*.. . the rolls (vegan) and bread(not vegan) all seemed to be eaten up...

I went out for a bit with my neighbor shopping-- ventured out to best buy.. it was after noon, so the crowds were not so horrendous. We went to target, and I was debating about buying some talking book/phonics thing for my neice/nephews.. how strange. I went to ask one of the clerks, and ... when I started to talk, she backed away from me.. Then I heard her talk in a real ' deaf ' voice trying to get an attention of another employee. I thought she might be deaf, but it's hard to tell - and then she started to sign'book' and was looking for a coworker. I wondered how many signs the coworkers knew - I didn't see her signing with anyone really.. when I saw her signing, I just asked her my question about where the books were that I wanted, and she showed me - ahh mostly I was surprised that I came across a deaf employee - and also, that she had no reaction to the fact that I started to sign to her.. like it was a typical thing.. I'd like to hope so - that it would be so ordinary, everyday...but I doubt it

ahh will I actually do something productive on my short time off for the Holiday?
ahh there is always hope~..
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