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greek bread out of the oven

I always get anxious when I make the Holiday Greek bread (mostly it's Easter/N Year egg bread) ... well I start early, so in case it doesn't work I can try again.

Once again my brother's friends have graciously invited us over for Thanksgiving - along with my parents and my husbands parents
(for those of you who do not know - Leigh is my brother in law..
or My brother is married to my Husband's sister.. haha yes it's a bit amusing)

I was not pleased to learn that while my coworker is on vacation, I might end up doing her job AGAIN.. Why does this annoy me? well fuck, mostly because it is the day before she leaves and she mentions to me "My boss has 3 workshops next week and I'll be gone for all of them" well goody.. she has been planning this freaking vacation for months - and yeah she gets on my nerves anyway.. so yay~ grumblegrumble.... Shit I couldn't even get her do trade a lousy lunch hour with me, and oh yay~ I get to do her job while she is out... ok I'll shut up

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