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hrmm still feelin kinda cranky

>.< ahh make this go away please..ackk...
Usually one consolation I get with periods/cramps is that my hormone levels alter enough so I'm not so sad as I was in pms mode. I think it's just all out of wack, as it feels like all pms , all the time *sigh* mostly I would like something to kick me off my lazy butt and get me to move, and feel less of a slug.
I feel so worthless lately -

Today was a day, where I just wanted to stay in bed...not wake up for - like a month, that would be perfect. Can I arrange that somehow? I was so worm like today at work~ gahh~ and I kept getting roped into doing crap that ... I wonder should have been someone elses job.. Oh wait, let me speak truthfully..
People asked me to do things, and I said yes, and never questioned why they weren't asking their secretary to do it? It's not like I'm so overworked - hardly - but it appears they added another person for me to work for recently (so this would be 4 people.. all people who are very cool and I like them a lot)... but >.< this other person has ONE PERSON to work for... so why am I doing shit for her boss? STUPID HELAYNE.. and of course she annoys the crap out of me most days.. and f*ck~ some meeting tomorrow they want me to come in early and help with registration... >.< bahh baka helayne

Well thankfully there are things that help me thru my blue daze... Like dear friends here , quips from Sophie, fashion insights from Naomi, and a chat with childempress & DH... etc.~0~
Please forgive my yappity whiny self of late... I'm trying to snap out of it.

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