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Stone removal & an even bigger biliary tube

Went back to Chez Beaumont on April Fool's day for another attempt at removing my stubborn liver stone.
My surgeon was part of the team this time & it was a success.after stone removal

I still have a biliary tube, which feels like a garden hose in my stomach, but that's beside the point. Hoping that they will be removing the tube when I go back on Apr 9th for a xray.

Helaynes iphone apr 4 2013 136

I didn't expect to have so much discomfort after the procedure - but Leigh told me that they were pretty aggressive  & it probably would hurt a bit.  Yowzer ! I had to resort to oxycontin on Tuesday the pain was pretty immobilizing ~ I prefer my Medical marijuana capsules to Oxy, but they take a few hours to work on me, so it's a last resort.

Leigh's brother moved in with us yesterday ~  the dogs are so excited that now there is a new source of snacks & attention :)
I had been walking the dogs daily until I had the liver stone trouble - so I think my brother in law will be able to start up their walk routine again, yay!

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