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>.< I guess the vertigo is getting worse - yesterday I went outside to get something from my car, and while stepping from the backdoor step to cement, fell foward and fell down flat.. Oh I felt like such a goof - Hrmmm Leigh says he remembers that years ago I had the same thing happen and it was an inner ear infection. I must be getting senile, as I don't really remember that - but I guess in medical crisis history, inner ear infection would be low on the list

Well hopefully I will get a brief respite from the PMS roller coaster as my period started today. Besides being easily annoyed, the worst thing for me is an inability to focus.

=^-^= I wanna take Sally, Franc & Tasha to the restaurant in Japan that caters to dogs.. dogfood menu
japantoday feature

Despite my ability to stand up straight, I did get a few minor things done. I sent some packages off to drops_of_colour & Ayumi san. I did some grocery shopping, and ^-^ picked up the 11/7 M Station video. I always feel bad when I go to the video store because they can never find my 'membership' sheet. My # is G-6.. I think that Nobody that has a membership in the store has a name that begins with "G" ~ Maybe I should just have them change my last name to Watanabe or something *smile*

Yesterday I met with a friend Chris - and he has asked me to read a book he started to write on his life. I was eating lunch one day by myself, and reading a book in a Lebanese restaurant near work. I noticed a fellow in a wheelchair eating there too whenever I went. One day, he spoke up and asked me what I was reading... then I went over to his table and we ate lunch together. Perhaps this sounds weird, but had Chris not been in a wheelchair, ..just some guy sitting there, I would not have gone over to chat over lunch. It's not a sympathy thing, but - I suppose I would feel more suspicious / leary / otherwise. Chris is very optomistic and outgoing - and he is a pretty amiable guy. He was disabled in an accident while in High School - so I am interested in reading his account of it.

After reading the LeehomXHyde fic by claireredding I am convinced that Moonchild would have been greatly improved had Claire been the screenwriter. (ok ok ..gratuitous hidden GakuHy makeout scenes on the DVD aside) - I'm sure it would have been more deftly crafted in Claire's skillful hands. Go Claire!

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