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christmas 2012 006

Spent most of Christmas day hanging out at my parents' place - My brother in law Robert joined us as well as Doug & Carole
My in-laws did not join us - my father in law is at  My mother-in-law is currently at My mother-in-law is having surgery today to take care of a bad bed sore.  She is also recovering from a hip fracture. 

My parents have graciously allowed me to assign them as temporary kitty caregivers to my in-laws cats. We were hoping that my father-in law would have been up to a day out on Christmas & visit with his cats & my folks - but the weather was pretty nasty & slippery so it didn't pan out

christmas 2012 020 Jimmy checking out everything at my parents' house

Waiting for my DVD of Larc Live at MSG - but watching it will be bittersweet -  I am grateful to have been able to enjoy the
concert experience with tmsj & her sister in law Lynn   - &  4am_secret     I learned that  Lynn passed away on the 24th
after a battle with cancer.  Please join me in sending out hugs & prayers to tmsj & her family.
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