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you mean the room isn't moving?

>.< wwwwwwwwaaaaaa I've like been in such an incredibly pissy mood for the last few days. Please tell me it's like just PMS gone made - or shoot me please. Some people I know actually seem to revel in their 'inner bitch'.. I don't know how people can stand it..

Maybe it was the Vertigo? When should someone get concerned about having it? .. >.< it seems like I have had Vertigo-esque moments during Pms times, but this has been rather prolonged.. I keep feeling like I am going to fall forward or something.

The worst part of the PMS monster when it is full orbit like this is EVERYTHING annoys me -.. This is the time I most regret being involved in a fandom where average is young enough to be my child, and sometimes stupid enough to make me happy I never had any. Really - usually I'm more charitable.. it's the hormone jungle really...

And yay - I am greeted by the "cancellation of auto insurance" notice.. O.o.. wtf? Of course I start huffing & crying (assuming yes yes yes, it's cuz I'm the lazy stupid disorganized pig that I am .. and screwed up and missed the payment) - Leigh was nice enough to not only put up w/my hissy fit.. he really kept trying to reassure me that they never sent any original bill.. Yeah, I am a disorganized slob, but things like Mortgage payments, visa, blahblah I usually don't bury totally... ooh PMS is fun, isn't it?

However~..~ I must try to find a way to rise above it - and I had some nice moments.

^0^ Had my special morning boost from The loverly DH - who always puts up with me, and shows me dishy Saku things! ^-^....!!

I met with Taka for the first time in months - I felt so bad for always having something happen every week lately.. . funeral, overtime, class..
but His Mom told me they are going back to Japan soon~.. ahh how bittersweet..
I know they happy, yet not happy. Taka just rocks, he loved everything here, he is anxious to see his friends. He is such a great kid.

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