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Now if only they would stock it at blockbuster...

I went to the Japan Book Store to see if I could rent the 11/7 Music station (not available yet in the 2 video spots I checked).. but pyon! I found the VHS of Moonchild. Yeah , I do have the dvd -but the VHS I can Copy! mwahahah (copying as I type)

Hello~ No.58438 投稿者: HYDE 2003-11-16 05:25:33

Hello~ No.58439 投稿者: HYDE 2003-11-16 05:26:02

Hello~ No.58444 投稿者: HYDE 2003-11-16 05:28:03
 そんな感じです またね~おやすみ~

The weather has been so icky / dreary all weekend. Yesterday I was so incredibly tired.. I tried to run some errands yesterday, but after getting in the car and driving for a minute, I thought I was too sleepy to do this. .. so I went home

I was flipping thru stations the other day, and was surprised to find Bono speaking at the Canadian Liberal convention (for Paul Martin - who will take the liberal leadership place of the current Prime Minister Cretian.. ) I think that's how it goes.. *Maybe dropofcolor* can correct me if I got that wrong.. I don't know if I'd rush to the polls to vote for Paul Martin, but Bono would get my vote.. I thought he did a good job - he wasn't really campaigning for Martin per se, but took the opportunity to take the forum and promote his cause of 3rd world debt relief, Africa relief (via cheaper generic drugs).. haha I imagine his version "of Canada" would kickass.. !

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